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Our team at ROD Chains responds to every challenge with a tailored approach and an extensive range of services for our clients. Our diverse expertise has led us to assist clients ranging from property developers, owners, investors to municipalities, to derive maximum value from the project with relevant risk management.



Our holistic approach and specific skill-set used to maneuver our client portfolios that raise unique challenges have allowed us to successfully conclude divestiture transactions within the grocery business, commercial centres, shopping centres chains, and global restaurant chains. Whether you wish to sell your business in part to realize a successful business transformation or to streamline your overly diversified portfolio, at ROD Chains, we have the team for all your business needs. 


Through our shared expertise with ROD Retail, ROD Corporate, and ROD M&A, we’ve been able to develop a telescope through which we identify the true strengths and weaknesses of each business chain project. This way, the ROD Chains team has been able to deliver the most complicated projects with ease by managing the transaction cycle at its full-length.


Our vast network of global thought leaders operating in various industries and businesses has given us the ability to draw advanced market analysis and key insights from them. ROD Chains aims to drive sustainability and performance through their financial, legal, and tech acumen to form strategies that fit each of our clients’ needs and wishes.


Valuing a chain of business is a laborious task that requires a specific skill set of advanced analysis of the chains’ financial statements, intangible assets (copyrights and trademarks), unit-level economics (per store calculations), and most importantly, making sense of it all for the clients. Our valuation analysts at ROD Chains have worked with corporate as well as retail investors to ensure each project’s complexity is addressed and favourable results are achieved.



Regulatory advice is considered as one of the crucial factors in buying a business, repurposing an existing one, or developing a new one. While placing the regulatory framework to the project, a small mistake can lead to a permanent infirmity. ROD Chains focuses meticulously on four vital elements: planning, document management, local market knowledge, and expert legal advice, where the goal is to match the project to the local market context, making it soluble and in phase with regulatory specifications.


Following the economic cycle, it is very important to constantly identify insights and elaborate strategies, to build a flexible project framework that is adept consequently. Therefore, to align with different changes, in terms of market dynamics, ROD Chains invests heavily in building and proposing intelligent repurposing strategies, to keep its clients updated with recent practices and the best possible outcomes.


Managing portfolios is our forte at Rodschinsons Investments. We’re able to discern and identify non-performing assets ahead of time and develop a rather pragmatic approach to divest the subsidiaries or divisions that are haltering your portfolio’s growth. Our data-centric decisions and their efficiency further aid our diagnostic ability to generate valuable insights from other businesses so that our clients can make their decisions with ease.

Post-Acquisition Strategies

Our job doesn’t just end at the acquisition of a chain. At ROD Chains, a well-planned business strategy is what we formulate to operate your chain as you would any other business.
To establish your newly acquired chain’s business plan, we first outline your goals and objectives and analyze the financial, regulatory and operational requirements to operate your chain considering the cash you already paid to purchase the assets and for other transactional purposes. This way, you start generating revenue rapidly, leading to recouping your investment as quickly as possible.


Rodschinson is your trusted advisor to make the smartest possible move whatever is your current situation.

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