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To build a solid M&A strategy, a diligent roadmap should be established meticulously to facilitate preparation, fundamental analysis, and identify the appropriate route to acquisition. 

ROD Chains has built unique know-how with successful executions of various business chain M&A transactions across Europe and internationally by working alongside ROD M&A. Encompassing the overall financial, marketing, and logistics aspects, further enabling us to identify the upstream of market trends, in conclusion, deliver profitable results for our partners and clients.

Extensive preparation

We study and analyze each M&A transaction with imperative importance. At ROD Chains, we separate ourselves from the rest by highlighting the growth opportunities and scrutinizing the current business model subsequently to save the overall time to closure. Addressing these aspects at the time of deal formation allows stakeholders to have a clear understanding of scenarios they can be faced with and key components to be taken into consideration. 

Term sheet subtlety

A mutual understanding between involved parties is indispensable, hence the agreement of the terms often happens in the middle of the transaction, and serves as a foundation for due diligence and definitive stakeholder agreement. We assist our clients and partners to conduct successful closing their M&A transactions of chains, along with liaising with business stakeholders to provide a clear representation of the client’s purpose, bringing reliable data information and financial accuracy.

Due diligence control

ROD Chains team forms an airtight collaboration between lawyers, vendors, and external consultants for technical and commercial due diligence along with round the clock supervision of the flow of information. This helps us to list clear milestones throughout the progress of our clients’ projects.

Toward definitive agreement

The lack of appropriate provisions, and adequate clauses, might have a damaging impact on the whole project. Therefore, clauses such as representation and warranties, baskets, post-transaction liabilities, and resources, must be dissected for proper closing of the transaction.

Agile Management

To avoid any lag or delay in terms of transaction processing, ROD Chains, brings a streamlined agile management approach, to immediately deconstruct and deflect bottlenecks present along the process timeline of M&A operations. ROD Chains has a long record of delivering business chain projects on time.

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